Specialised programmes for orphaned and vulnerable youth

Home-Base and The Work-Base Academy

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Growing young people

HOME-BASE focuses on providing solutions for school leavers in the southern Africa region, especially in the area of career guidance, tertiary education and mentoring. THE WORK-BASE ACADEMY is a vocational training school, providing youth with practical skills to enter the job market and preparing them for the work-place.


We offer Career Guidance workshops several times a year, assisting vulnerable youth in making subject and career choices. These mornings include Interest Profile tests, as well as small group discussions, and input from professionals from a variety of fields.


The Academy offers vocational training primarily to orphans and vulnerable youth. The first faculty is the School of Hospitality with Chef Ben Harvey taking the students through a top-quality food preparation course. We run a Mentorship Programme and the course also includes modules on Entrepreneurship, Time Management, Preparing for the Work-Place, Communication, Personal Wellness and much more.

THE WORK-BASE ACADEMY: Hear it from the students

THEO (22) "Work-Base means everything to me because it gave me hope. I see things in a different way now. I believe in myself now. It also taught me to love, forgive, share and believe. Never give up, keep on pushing God will help you along the way." FAITH (19): "The Academy has been much more than I ever expected. It has been a friend, a parent, family, teacher, advisor and an umbrella to stand under during storms. It has impacted my life in many different ways. What I treasure the most is that what I have inherited here doesn't only apply in class or work space but in all aspects of life. Work-Base for me was a life-guard coming to save me just as I was about to drown." BUHLE (24): “The food prep course was amazing. I’m normally a messy person, but I have learnt to work fast and clean at the same time. I also learnt so much through the communication and relationship modules, and am opening up a bit more now and am learning to trust. I have met the most awesome people - lecturers and students. I am intending to apply all that I have learnt to my life.“