Journey to Midway (Kris Krug)

“The seeker embarks on a journey to find what he wants and discovers, along the way, what he needs.” (Wally Lamb – The Hour I First Believed)

Welcome to my blog … welcome to my journey! One year ago, sitting in church, God spoke to me clearly, reminding me that He delights in me. I was at a turning point in my journey, battling through many things internally and externally. This reminder came at the right time. I needed someone to believe in me. I needed someone to bat for me and He reminded me that I am not alone on my journey. This blog is an expression of my journey. God has put a passion in me and in my lovely wife Nicky to believe in others, to call out the passion and the destiny that God has for each person. Home-Base is the fruit of this passion, a project focused on calling out the potential and destiny of orphaned and vulnerable youth and seeing them step into their gifting and calling. A key part of this project is helping young people identify (1) who they are and (2) what career they should focus on for the future.

This blog is an outflow of that passion. In this weekly blog I hope to take you on a journey.  If you are young, need to feel young, are a parent, or like myself are on your own journey, my prayer is that you will join us for an amazing adventure. As we travel over the coming weeks, I will be exploring the following areas which are all important in this journey:

  • Personality – We will explore who you are and what makes you tick?
  • Interests – We will identify your interests. What do you love? What energizes you? How can you connect these to a career?
  • The economic environment – What does the world need? Which careers are hot and which are not?
  • Educational institutions – There are thousands of educational options out there for young people. I will review many of these and give you insight to help you make wise decisions for yourself or to help your children make the right choices.
  • Careers – I will also profile career options through interviews with people in these careers. This will give you a personal view of what these careers entail so that you can see if these grab you.

If you do want me to send my blog post to you directly, or have specific topics you would like me to discuss, please email me on

I am so excited about sharing this journey with you.

Comments & Responses

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  1. Daniella says:

    Amazing Dad 😀

  2. Eugene says:

    Sounds very enticing – looking forward to following this blog.

  3. Marilyn Kerns says:

    We are all cheering for you, your family and especially for your new students.


  4. Mom and Dad says:

    Well done Den. We’re praying for you as you start this journey!

  5. Carole says:

    It was a privilege to know you all in Bulembu and you continue to encourage me – one not so young! Thank you. I pray God’s protection and provision for the family and the young people who will share the journey.

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