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Technology defining our lives (Photo by Angeline Gragasin, Creative Commons)

Technology defining our lives (Photo by Angeline Gragasin, Creative Commons)

“What you’re really supposed to be doing is whatever makes your heart sing.” (Barbara Sher)

Young people today are faced with thousands of possible careers which they can explore. It is both an exciting time to be young (there are so many journeys they can take) but also incredibly daunting (how can they choose from so many possible careers). We live in a world which is technologically rich. We have so much information at our fingertips, search engines that can find information from all over the world and content pouring into our lives from every side. How can we make sense of this all? When choosing a career, how do we narrow down our choices?

This brief blog post touches on a growing and increasingly important area of careers – careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. These STEM careers are generally recognized as careers which have more earning potential than other kind of careers – you can make more money in these careers – and owing to the demand for people in these careers, the amount of jobs available is increasing exponentially – you can get work in these areas. A recent Huffington Post article put it this way: “Three things are true in STEM: There are a lot of job openings. These jobs pay well. And there are not enough qualified people to fill these jobs.” In other words, the potential for career and financial success is huge if you enter one of these fields. The US Department for Labor Statistics predicts that STEM jobs will grow 55% faster than non-STEM jobs over the next 10 years.

If you (or your child) have a natural curiosity concerning how things work and you find yourself asking a lot of questions about how things are designed, how things are made and a keen interest in technology, STEM careers are something that you should explore further.

This is a field full of opportunities and an exciting field to explore. The following short video from the UK paints a good picture of the huge potential of these fields:

In the following four weeks, I will be tackling each of these STEM areas: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers in more detail. Please let me know if you have questions about these kind of ideas that I can answer for you by emailing me on

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