A significant percentage of young people within Southern Africa do not have the financial capacity or the necessary results to move into university studies once they finish school. This is exacerbated among orphaned and vulnerable youth who not only have no financial backing from parents, but also have significant learning gaps as a result of their often traumatic lives and thus cannot qualify for university.

As we at Home-Base have been working with young people and talking to child-care organisations across the region, we have realised the huge need for training that is practical in nature, is of a high standard and which prepares young people to both enter the world of work and to create their own paths through entrepreneurship.

Although the emphasis of The Work-Base Academy is vocational training, we integrate this with life skills and character development, work-based experience, entrepreneurship and ongoing support.

We will create a number of Schools within the Academy that focus on different areas of vocational training. The first school opening in July 2017 is the School of Hospitality, under the oversight of Chef Ben Harvey.

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