Starting strong in 2015


As 2014 raced to an end, it was good to pause and make sure that we are finishing well. At Home-Base, it truly was a time for celebration as we looked back at our first year with our residential students.

Each one of them has excelled in one area or another. It has been a year of self-discovery and of going deeper in God; and on some levels, experiencing true freedom for the first time.

We have seen their talents blossom and their courage take wings as they plan to take big steps into adulthood in 2015.  We are also excited about some prospective students from around Joburg that might join us during 2015. Doors also continue to open for us to provide career guidance and mentoring to students in a variety of locations.

Finally, we want to salute you for standing with us in prayer and every other way. Without your support, we truly couldn’t have come this far!

Please have a look at the adjacent block for some gaps we need to fill for 2015 in order to make these amazing dreams come true and consider whether you are able to give into one of these areas:

Make a dream come true!

  • Consider Home-Base as your company’s Corporate Social Initiative for 2015.
  • We need R400 per month to cover the compulsory medical aid costs of one student.
  • Provide living expenses for a student: R1500 per month or R18 000 per year, or any contribution towards this.
  • Contribute towards a student’s study expenses.
  • Cover 1 month’s Home-Base rent: R5 000 once-off gift.
  • Help Home-Base serve the needs of these young people by contributing any amount monthly or as a once-off gift.

Please contact for more info.