Why we will finish what we started

Why we will finish what we started


– By David Webb

The mom was an orphan who grew up in an East Rand orphanage. She lived in a foster home not unlike one of our Havens until she was 18. As it is for so many children who grow up in orphanages, there was no plan for her after age 18. She lived in a shelter, then on the streets, where she became a prostitute. She left her baby boy and little girl locked in her shack, sometimes for days at a time, when she went to “work”. A neighbour eventually called the police when she realised that a village man was trying to get the little girl to open the door for him.

The police arrived, broke down the door, and brought the children to  Adler Haven. Although we usually take children who have no living relatives, we were moved by the tragic story behind little N and her brother T.

Caring for orphans as they grow up is a first step, as is rescuing those on their way to death. But without the Gospel, discipleship, education and a plan for adulthood, the result can be the same as if the children were left on the streets to begin with… depression, drugs, prostitution, HIV, malnutrition and early death.

And so our passion is to provide all of a child’s developmental, educational, health and spiritual needs, even past age 18. One of the ways we do that at the Havens is through Home-Base, where 18+ residents get their launch in life. Our heart is that in all the Havens work, we would have the heart of God, who never forgets His Children!

(His Havens Newsletter, July 2014)