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At Home-Base we realize that every young person we work with is unique and has their own special gifts and callings upon their lives. Our passion is in assisting these young people to not only understand their best career choices, but to find the best educational institution to study through in order to fulfil their unique potential.

Understanding the individual student

We work on a one-on-one basis with learners to help them clarify their career aspirations and then connect them with the institution that would be the best for their development, that would suit their personality and gifts and that would set them up for success in their chosen field.

Building Relationships

We work hard to build relationships with educational institutions so that we can understand the different qualifications available, get a real feel for what specific areas of study entail as well as get a feel for the atmosphere of the institution.

Helping with Applications

Once we identify the best qualification and institution for an individual, we then assist these young people through the applications process to ensure that they apply in a professional way, that they apply on time and that they present themselves in the best light. We also ensure that they meet relevant application deadlines.

Assistance with Sourcing Funding

Once we have identified the best institution for their studies, we partner with the young person and their child-care institution or potential partners to help source funding for these studies. This sometimes entails approaching individuals or organizations for funding or helping them apply for applicable bursaries or grants.

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