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The Work-Base Academy is built on the premise that young people have extraordinary potential, but that this potential needs to be drawn out of them within the right context and using the right tools. Our focus with the Academy is on providing an intensive learning experience which challenges our students to grow in a key skill area, but that maximizes their potential by developing the whole person so that they can grow in their field as leaders. We use the following equation as a guide for all that we do:


All of the Academy programmes thus focus on the following core building blocks: Relationships, Character, Core Skills and Work-Place Preparation.


The focus of this course is on food preparation, giving students the tools they need to serve in the food service industry with the best foundations possible to grow in this field.

The curriculum of the School of Food Preparation includes the following focus areas:

  1. Food Preparation

GOAL: This course focuses on equipping students with the basic tools that they need to start and grow within the food service industry.

This course includes both theory and intensive practical components where students are given recipes and practically prepare a range of dishes from starters, main meals and deserts. This includes the following key aspects: Nutrition, Safety at Work; Food Preparation Methods; Cooking Methods (braising, steaming, grilling, frying, boiling, stewing, poaching, simmering, blanching, baking, grilling, roasting); Coffee preparation; and Pastries.

We are in the process of getting this qualification registered with CATHSSETA but at this stage this is not an accredited course.

  1. Character

GOAL: This course is focused on creating young people who are whole, healthy, purposeful and of sound character.

This course runs throughout the duration of this programme and includes actual course material plus ongoing mentoring of our students. The emphasis is on developing and challenging the character of the students so that they become global citizens with a solid character base. Topics under the following main headings are covered: Self-Awareness, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect and Positive Attitude.

  1. Relationships

GOAL: This course is focused on shaping students who have the ability to build both personal and organisation relationships, to network and to effectively deal with relational issues including conflict.

This course is aimed at helping students prepare for and establish key relationships within the world of work, as well as in their personal lives. We prepare them to have effective relationships with themselves, their peers, with authority figures, and with organisations. We also help them develop the right mindset to create an effective network in their field and provide them with key leadership skills that they will need in their careers.

  1. Entrepreneurship

GOAL: This course is focused on equipping young people to think like an entrepreneur

This course will help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Many of our students will need to use these skills to start small businesses or enter the informal sector in some way. This course will focus on giving them the tools that they need to identify a business idea and to move this idea from concept through to the business plan and implementation thereof, including elements like marketing, financial management, costing and so on.

  1. Work-place preparation

GOAL: This course is focused on helping students prepare for the world of work by providing them with the skills necessary to thrive in their field.

The course includes the following key elements: Succeeding in the world of work, creating a CV, effective interview skills and personal development to excel.



Classes and practical sessions will take place at our premises in Johannesburg, South Africa. Students must first successfully complete and pass all of the above modules before moving forward into the practical component of the course.


We work to secure three-months practical internship for our students.


After the practical block has been completed, students return to The Work-Base Academy for one week to receive feedback from the establishments where they underwent their practical learning. We also assist them with the necessary elements for work-place preparedness. Our hope is that from there they can seek employment and enter the field of work. We cannot guarantee that every student attending will get work in the field as this depends on their level of commitment, their work ethic and the nature of the market at that time. However, our aim is to prepare them as best possible to enter this field and make a success of their careers.

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